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8 Fries Short

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Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 12:21 am
hello...check out my journal for pictures of the trip to Hawaii...or photobucket.com jerslice356. I'd've uploaded them here..but my connection really sucks. So I haven't.


gordon, golf carts, and the $100 Chi Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 02:54 pm
Gordon College is a fun place to be in the summer. I wish it was like that all year long. Between the pleasant weather, seeing two of my dearest friends, lounging in Tavilla luxery, and having a golf cart to wheel us around campus, life could not get any better. Yes, you heard me correctly. Charis somehow managed to hold the keys to my dream ride... the gordon golf cart. For two years now i could only imagine how great it must feel riding through the walkways at a decent speed, sweeping by those students walking to class, while the cool wind blows on my face. This fantasy became a reality, and i was not let down by my high expectations.
Charis, the crazy indian driver without a liscense, took me around sharp turns, down steep hills, and over the freshly cut grass. We smiled and waved as jealous boys played frisbee on the quad and as tired faculty walked from Frost to their cars. Two years later and it's finally my turn to ride on the cart.

I'm done reminiscing now. I'll leave you with some pictures under the lj-cut.

fun fun fun in the gordon sunCollapse )


p.s. it would be nice to see more summer updates on this community since i never see any of you. no pressure though.

lookie lookie! May. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:19 pm
A friend told me that Mark Sargent is quoted in an MSN article. here it is

i thought you may find this somewhat interesting.

the madness is over May. 13th, 2005 @ 11:23 pm
when i was logging in to LJ today, i typed in theamacdonald instead of theamynator. all those days of checking scottie mail have caught up to me.

anyways, i wondering who has joined the masses at thefacebook. i recently joined a good half of the campus on this stalkernet-gone-insane website. it seems like a cozy little joint. it's almost like being at gordon, except that i'm staring at students on a screen instead of sitting in lane staring at everyone.
i think it would be really funny if people actually met and started dating through facebook. how romantic.

i should update more often. sorry 8friesshort for abandoning you these past few weeks. see ya.

May. 13th, 2005 @ 01:22 am
Twas a wonderful day....lots of pictures;
AdventuresCollapse )
Mood of the day:: happyhappy
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Yep...that basically sums it up. I totally understand little fury dude.
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Nothing else to say...the picture says it all...

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This picture is an accurate representation of what happened today between Neumann, Jer and me...I will never be able to go to dinner and be the same...

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» An Ode to my late paper....
Out of all that is real
There is nothing such as work
That makes me feel
So much like a dork.

Oh I wish that paper was done
So that i may enjoy the sun.
In its beauty I could be basking,
Instead I'm in here tasking.

A slave, a slave am I
My brain is on the fry.
Would that my paper were ended,
But my teacher would be offended

If all I turned in
Was this lump of sin
"A Paper" I call it
But its just a pile of sh**

Oh I wish that my paper were done
So that I may enjoy the sun,
"You know?" I say, "I think I shall!
And my paper can just go to hell!"
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Deer Jurnal,

I cant feel my brane. I have desided that new testamint sucks, in fact I dont ever want to study it ever again. Thanks Jenny four helping me study, I will probably fail anyways. I am not even going too talk about how I feel about this test and all because I will be to frustrated. Who gives a rats ass about who Paul wanted to bring his cloak to him...with parchement and ink, fudge him! As much as I like professer Hunt, he sure seems to like to make tests to fail peeple. Anyways I am tired and need sleep so I can fail toomarow.
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