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Twas a wonderful day....lots of pictures; First Laura & I went… - 8 Fries Short

About Twas a wonderful day....lots of pictures; First Laura & I went…

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Twas a wonderful day....lots of pictures;

First Laura & I went off to Logan to do some quality plane spotting and such.  We walked through terminal A, and caught a few shots;

Delta 757 in the middle, 737 in the lower. 
Then we made our way over to the upper deck of the terminal B parking lot, where we saw a bunch of news photographers looking for something;

I know, I know I'm in the picture, but I'm not one of the photographers, I was just enjoying a lot of good shots of some aircraft.
So we asked what they were waiting for, and apparently some guy got onto an Air France flight who wasn't supposed to be allowed into the country, and they were waiting for it to land in Boston.  We watched planes for awhile while waiting;

Then finally the arrival time of plane came up, and I overheard them asking themselves which plane it could be as they continued to land.  Luckily I was able to put my strange knowledge of aircraft livery to good use, and told them which plane it was when it was on approach.  I spotted it before the news crews.  It was pretty cool.  They all thanked me for spotting the plane so they could get their shots.  Here's a shot of the plane that Laura took as it landed;

We stayed a few more minutes then left and went through terminal C, where we spotted this or the horizon north of Boston;

As we later found out a massive brushfire had broken out north of Boston....it was smoking pretty heavily...as you can see.  We made our way over to terminal E after that and saw the news crews again;

So yeah...we went back to the parking lot....where we got a few more shots;

And then we went into Boston, where we had dinner at Hennesy's. I love that place.  It was an awesome day....my pictures will come eventually....I shot a total of 32.  They should have all come out well.  You'll see them when I develop them.
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